About Me


I am a recent graduate of Boston University where I received degrees in Mathematics and Business Administration. I currently live in Cambridge, MA and continuing my education at MIT where I am taking courses in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

I am the project leader of the Apitronics platform, an open platform for long-range wireless sensing and automation.¬†I have been developing¬†open-technologies with agricultural applications since graduation, when I first got involved with the Farm Hack community. I am currently serving on the Farm Hack Board of Directors and am the lead developer of one the community’s most popular hacks, Fido, a DIY-SMS alert system.

Apitronics and myself are residents of Industry Lab, a co-working space comprising of artists, engineers, scientists, and various start-ups ranging from 3D printing to land-fill monitoring.

To get in contact with me, send an email to me@louisthiery.com